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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Testimonial from Amber

“Great service, very helpful and my loan officer responded quickly to every email and phone call.”

Amber L.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Testimonial from Jerry

“Andrew was awesome. My old lender wanted to keep me as a customer and made it difficult for me to obtain information. Andrew continually impressed me by walking me throught the loan process every step of the way. Although I am listed as a co-borrower, I was the primary contact that worked with Andrew to make our loan a smooth process.  Moreover, it was very convenienct to have you send over the notary (Rasheed) to our house. He represented your company well and he was professional and well mannered. Please give my best to Andrew and feel free to list my comments on your testimonial board.   I must be honest. When I received your mailer I was skeptical so I did some research on your compnay. My sister works for a title company and she noted that American Heritage Lending and the affiliates used (Diamond, Chicago Title) were highly reputable and legitimate. Moreover, my existing credit union wanted to charge me $7k for my refinance when American Heritage charged me only $600.00 -plenty of saving for gas and food! I highly recommend American Heritage Lending for your needs.  Best regards, Jerry, Long Beach Ca”

Testimonial from Kate

“Andrew Christie was great and he kept my husband informed via personal phone calls and emails. He answered all our questions and provided timely updates as our loan progressed.”

Kate R.

Testimonial from Kris

“Mark Roulette made this a very easy process for us.  He was knowledgeable, willing to work with us and very kind.  We appreciated his professionalism and courtesy.”

Kris F.

Testimonial from Kathy

“Geoff was terrific in his knowledge and communication throughout the whole process.  If anything came up that was possibly going to affect the processing, or the rates, Geoff was quick to contact me & let me know what was happening and giving me solutions and options.  The whole process was quick and simple.”

Kathy K.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Testimonial from Kathy

“It was so easy! Geoff was great!”